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 Who responsible for FIRST attacking Aushra Peaceful procession in Pindi

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PostSubject: Who responsible for FIRST attacking Aushra Peaceful procession in Pindi   Fri 22 Nov 2013, 9:33 am

Who responsible for FIRST attacking Aushra Peaceful procession in Pindi
I want to drawn the attention Chief Minister of Punjab ( SHABAZ Sharif ) and Prime Minister of Pakistan ( Nawaz Sharif ) please dig out who facts first who responsible for throwing STONES and firing NEAR Raja Bazar at Pindi when Aushra Peaceful mourn procession is passing through that what the Pindi Police did to catch the curpliest or remain as silent observer.

I must those elements involve in throwing stones and firing have One identity they are not Muslim followers and true face of pig in human faces and lover cum blind followers of YAZADI, whose permission such disturbance creates and punished the real curpliest and stopping arresting the innocents and sending them behind the bars.

When all entry is seal in Pindi ( Raja Bazar ) than why police or Ranger un-willing to arrest the real culprits who want to disturb Aushra peaceful procession but remain silent observer which is more painful and regretful, take action against those neglect officer who not fulfill the duties in order to protect Yazadi pig to provide shelters only to get reward but remember all those elements behind in Aushra Procession disturbance by ( stone throwing and firing ) will go one place without any fail HELL and remain with Yazadi and Mawaya as they remain their ideal and always remain against and enemy of Ahl-e-Bait and specially Hazrat Imam Ali AS than pay the price.

I do not understand JUI-F supporting terrorists group and claiming and protesting who burnt Madras a but hiding the facts and information who burnt 6 Imam Bargh at Pindi why our print media remain silent or giving in-complete information, perhaps have problem or pain to give full and comprehensive information but they only do what they should asked to perform.

I came to reliable source one Ignorant Mullah Mazah Allah called why Hazrat Imam Hussain AS came in Iraq unless he won’t be SHAHEED, I give a proper reply to SHUT the PIG Mullah ( true followers of Yazadi cum Wahabi ) when Pakistani army fighting with enemy and even Pakistani soldier knew that he will die when remain in fighting with enemy than he is not doing suicide but reach martyr. I must say Hazrat Imam Hussain AS went to Karbala in Iraq to save Prophet Mohd (PUBH) Din ( Islam ) and Yazadi did many changes like those are suppose to be banned at Prophet PBUH days are called HARAM ( ill-legal) all those elements have legal status as HALAL and those who Halal at Prophet Mohd (PBUH) become HARAM at the period of Yazadi. Hazrat Imam Hussain AS gave highest degree to shaheed and no one else reach to such high level and saved the teaching of 124,000 prophets.

If anyone who loved with Wahabi and Yazadi my request first to find and locate where the Yazadi PIG is buried ( in which part of world ) perhaps no one knew? I remain and become PROUD of Hussaini soldier till my last breath and pray to GOD give me extra courage and energy to defeat Wahabi and Yazadi culture people and promote Ahl-e-Bait knowledge all over the world.

Besides all this last 1 year Shia-e-Ali will target killed or bomb blast or suicide attack reach above 550 innocent people in which many are learned people like DOCTORS, Businessman, Teachers, Bankers, Religious Scholar, Active member of any social organization what is the secret of non-stop Shia killing to oblige and keeping happy Wahabi and angry God, than after those who responsible for innocent killing after die instead of your soul goes to Allah – GOD report to WAHABI pig BOSS. If anyone have courage or strength than try perhaps he might be success or remain loser realized after his DEATH. Not a single Shia target Killer not yet hanged even his life appeal reject which mean Govt of Pakistan is not sincere with their Shia community to save guard their life’s and otherwise their killer hanged without delay if proper justice introduce and enforced in Pakistan.

In last I must say Governor of Punjab must announce early COMPENSATION HEIRS for victims and must expose all elements who are involved in the PINDI INCIDENT and it is the Govt responsibility to safe guard the life and property of every citizen no matter which province or race he belongs.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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Who responsible for FIRST attacking Aushra Peaceful procession in Pindi
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