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 Grown & train your kids with GOLDEN SPOON but always keep an LION EYE

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PostSubject: Grown & train your kids with GOLDEN SPOON but always keep an LION EYE   Wed 27 Nov 2013, 10:19 am

Grown & train your kids with GOLDEN SPOON but always keep an LION EYE
I want to share my knowledge as my message reach to as many Muslims followers regarding how to grown up and train your kids so they do not let down or spoil own family or parents name in his society.

I must address all class of people without any race or sect when you think how to grown up and train your kids than if you do feeding with GOLDEN SPOON than no issue or problem but always keep a lion eye to watch all doubtful and object able activities should be control wile growing your kids which is very important and never be ignored

I want to share I saw a drama in local TV channel in which elite class have small family of 4, husband, wife, daughter and son. Mother giving the latest model of cell to his daughter but entering without knocking daughter room in this regard daughter has point out objection and comments to her mother, please knock my door before coming but that time she was chatting with stranger teenage age boy age under 22 years and later the said guy succeeded to win her confidence and later they met some place, guy took the opportunity and take pleasure, took some object able snap later calling for black mailing the girl and asking HANDSOME amount BEAWARE to meet stranger as true friends might be you trapped and later black mail.

This is not end of story but when his younger brother came to know that mom has given new model value mobile to his elder sister than he annoyed and arguing with his mom he also want because his all friend got new model mobile expect me, but his mom said due to some problem she will buy the cell after 2 weeks but the impatience burger class elite young generation does not trust and wait on his mother promise and when he get chance to steal HANDSOME money from his parents room and later buy the latest cell for which he remain un-rest and thirsty. When his father came to knew the handsome amount stolen than he is worried and thinking to lodge FIR and suspect maid but they are innocents.

I want to ask question from the said girl what you gain after meeting the stranger and later he spoil you and black mailing for getting a good money if you remain in your home or parents or studies than situation will be total different or spare some time for acquiring Islamic knowledge or reading book than you getting always good deeds and obligation from God.

It is the duties of all parents to knew which place their kids often or fond of spending precious time. Their responsibilities not fulfill by giving kids high level education or dressing or fulfill all their right or wrong needs but also notice if they are doing anything which become regret for himself and entire family than stopping him immediately otherwise whole family will pay the price after water cross the limits?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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Grown & train your kids with GOLDEN SPOON but always keep an LION EYE
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