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 WAR is no Solution,Give Peace a Chance

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PostSubject: WAR is no Solution,Give Peace a Chance   Thu 06 Feb 2014, 12:22 pm

WAR is no Solution,Give Peace a Chance

Pakistan is unfortunately situated in a region which always seems to be in turmoil. India is seen as a natural enemy of the country, and Pakistan and India have been in engaged in several wars over the years.

Sometimes war is inevitable when there is no other option; but it is usually the last option when all else has failed. Waging war is easier than peace. Peace is the most difficult thing to get Ė it takes years of dialogues, giving space and respect. Achieving all of these is a big feat and any effort made in this direction should be appreciated.

As it is the Kashmir issue is a big problem between Pakistan and India, and has been left unresolved for more than 60 years. Over the years, people both in India and Pakistan have tried to work for peace and sometimes their efforts have succeeded but mostly their efforts have failed due to many other aspects. Sometimes the situation between the governments has not been feasible for peace efforts and the difficult steps taken by the two countries are wasted because the bigger picture doesnít allow them to prosper.

This was in the case of the peace initiative moulded by the biggest media houses on both sides of the LoC (Line of Control) joined hands and developed a peace initiative to try and smooth relations between Pakistan and India, which would lead to better trade and economy.
Every step that is taken in the name of peace is faced by two steps backwards due to the situation in the two countries. One would think that all the people in both countries would contribute to this peace initiative, but there are many who seem to be working in the opposite direction.

These detractors of peace although very small in number stand in the way of all efforts to work for peace and donít let anything work. They keep spinning conspiracies against any efforts taken for peace Ė making it sound as if anyone who speaks about peace between India and Pakistan is a traitor.

When has speaking and striving for peace been a treacherous act? Anyone who is working for peace should get full support from their countrymen as it is one of the most difficult things in the world.

When anchor people use their power as media personnel to degrade peace efforts it is a great shame. Recently, renowned anchor Mubasher Lucman has been needlessly criticizing the peace effort between India and Pakistan and weaving all kinds of baseless conspiracy. It does not seem right for such a senior anchor to try and sabotage peace which is already a difficult thing to achieve.
Today, while we remember Kashmir, Pakistan is also facing internal as well as external problems with issues in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and many parts of Punjab, with problems with its neighbours as well; there is a danger of Pakistan becoming vulnerable. Any small step taken to try and improve things in the country should be appreciated and supported.

Even if there is evidence that India is playing a role in trying to destabilize Pakistan, maybe working for peace with a section peace loving people in India will lead to something good developing. Maybe the two countries can find a midway or comprise to improve things in the region which will be helpful for all.

Mubasher Lucman should use his power as media personnel to help and encourage peace between the two countries. If not complete peace but try and spread goodwill so that the two countries can at least live in the same space. But until our conspiracy masters donít understand how vital peace or any efforts for this are, it will be impossible for them to allow these efforts to bear fruit. If peace fails, you always have the option to wage war.
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WAR is no Solution,Give Peace a Chance
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