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 a oppurtunity on many leval i thought i should share

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PostSubject: a oppurtunity on many leval i thought i should share   Sat 23 May 2009, 6:26 pm

Let me share with you here how I made the decision to support and invest time in

a totally free site

Firstly, is the market large and unique?
me2everyone is a little different. I know Facebook has 125 million members and itís advertising revenue for 2007 was over $133 million. So I have proof that some social networking sites can be big.

Now what makes me2everyone unique?
Me2everyone is majority owned by itís members. Me2everyone are also creating a new virtual global village owned by itís members. The village will grow, become a town, a city and a metropolis where everyone will have a stake in its future. In this virtual world the town will evolve with shops and stores, offices and industry. Zoning will be created and governing bodies elected by the people Ė all within cyberspace.

I understand that all members can introduce their friends and earn bonus shares: some people will have networks of several thousand people. They will be able to meet friends, chat, play, watch videos, become a newspaper owner or a journalist, start a record label, open a museum or art gallery, become an enforcer, agony aunt or mentor. They can plant a virtual tree resulting in a real-world forest, buy a virtual house and make money from an online store.

Me2everyone are also developing a feature to give charities and good causes free inworld publicity and a share of our profits too!

Me2everyone plans to have business ventures with tech, environmental benefits, property and new business services to launch off the back of the project: each generating money for itís shareholders.

I have also discovered that around the main island will be other islands and countries. Some will be private chat groups (colonies), some will be killer applications and others will be subsidiary companies providing everything from access to new tech to environmental benefits.

In England me2everyone Limited has to be legally registered with something called Companies House (
Me2everyone is 100% legal company registered in the UK on 19th September 2008.
Company number: 06702315

Me2everyoneís domain is registered until 2018

They anticipate listing on the FTSE or NasDaq in 2012 and would seek a market valuation of 7 billion or £0.58 per share

Who are the directors?
Maureen Foers OBE (Order Of The British Empire) Maureen has been a company owner since 1971. She is fellow of:

Chartered Institute of Marketing
Charted Management Institute
Charted Institute of personel and Development
Institute of Directors
Royal Society for the Arts
Recruitment and Employment Consultants

Andy Fisher was being born when Maureen opened her first company. Andy spent 16 years working with HM Customs & Excise, working on the frontline in the detection and investigation of prohibited items (drugs, firearms) and in anti-piracy measures. Andy then entered the world of education, managing a school of more than 1200 children. He was responsible for strategic planning across the whole school: from aspects of teaching to building management and working with the local community including the police.

Ií[m impressed with the idea of Me2everyone using proper intelligent marketing techniques to generate advertising revenue.

Me2everyone have inworld business venture options to engage people and make them real money even while they sleep.

Me2everyone are using a rock solid secure hosting company that also hosts our British Army

The social networking side of me2everyone includes business promotion, dating, gaming, shopping and virtually anything that a member can dream ofÖ

Based on the information I have been able to gather so far it looks like m2everyone is going to become an incredible place on the Internet, drawing a projected audience of 250 million people and become the portal of choice for more than 9 million businesses across the world. Itís going to create multi billion dollar income streams and the best part is? The entire company and network is going to be owned by every single member. To my mind it doesnít get better than that.

After my due diligence I came to following conclusion.
It looks to me that there are two places to be right now. Right here in the middle of things, helping to create this breakthrough concept or sat on the sidelines waiting to see what happens. If I stay on the sidelines waiting, will I regret I didnít get involved when the shares were nothing and the company was just born?

It looks to me that me2everyone has created something that everyone wants all the time, everywhere!

- me2everyone POPULATION TODAY... 460,000 and rising fast

and i have over 5000 free shares in it a nice windfall if the forecast of 58p each is correct


Dream big and it will happen.
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a oppurtunity on many leval i thought i should share
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