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 MICROSOFT WORD 2003 Shortuct Keys

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PostSubject: MICROSOFT WORD 2003 Shortuct Keys   Mon 06 Jul 2009, 8:56 am

Microsoft Word 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts

Selecting Text

To Extend a Selection:
One character to the right

One character to the left
To the end of a word CTRL SHIFT•
To the beginning of a word CTRL SHIFT•
To the end of a line SHIFT END
To the beginning of a line SHIFT HOME
One line down SHIFT
One line up SHIFT
To the end of a paragraph CTRL SHIFT
To the beginning of a paragraph CTRL SHIFT
One screen down SHIFT PAGE DOWN
One screen up SHIFT PAGE UP
End of a document CTRL SHIFT END
Beginning of a document CTRL SHIFT HOME
Select Entire document CTRL A
A vertical block of text ALT Drag Mouse
A specific location in a document F8 arrow keys
Select the nearest character F8 character
Extend a selection F8
Reduce the size of a selection SHIFT F8

File Management
New Document (normal template) CTRL N
Open Existing Document CTRL O
Save Document CTRL S
Save Document as F12
Print Document CTRL P
Print Preview CTRL F2
Spell Check Document F7
Thesaurus SHIFT F7
Replace CTRL H
Create AutoText ALT F3
Overtype Mode INSERT
Help menu F1
What’s This Help Tool SHIFT F1
Repeat Last Command F4

Text Formatting
Change font CTRL SHIFT F
Change font size CTRL SHIFT P
Increase font size CTRL SHIFT >
Decrease font size CTRL SHIFT <
Increase the font size by 1 point CTRL [
Decrease the font size by 1 point CTRL]
Change Case SHIFT F3
All Capitals CTRL SHIFT A
Underline CTRL U
Underline Words Only CTRL SHIFT W
Double underline words CTRL SHIFT D
Hidden Text CTRL SHIFT H
Italicise CTRL I
Small Capitals CTRL SHIFT K
Apply subscripts CTRL =
Apply superscripts CTRL SHIFT =
Remove all formatting CTRL SHIFT Z
(Return to Plain Text)
Toggle Show/Hide(¶) characters CTRL SHIFT 8

Paragraph Formatting
Single Line Spacing CTRL 1
Double Line Spacing CTRL 2
1½ Line Spacing CTRL 5
Add/remove 1 line space before text CTRL 0 (zero)
Alignments and Indents
Center a paragraph CTRL E
Justify a paragraph CTRL J
Left-align a paragraph CTRL L
Right-align a paragraph CTRL R
Indent a paragraph from the left CTRL M
Remove Left Indent CTRL SHIFT M
Create a hanging indent CTRL T
Reduce a hanging indent CTRL SHIFT T
Remove paragraph formatting applied by
using shortcut keys or menu commands CTRL Q
Apply a style name CTRL SHIFT S
Start AutoFormat CTRL K
Apply the Normal style CTRL SHIFT N
Apply the Heading 1 style ALT CTRL 1
Apply the Heading 2 style ALT CTRL 2
Apply the Heading 3 style ALT CTRL 3
Apply the List style CTRL SHIFT L

A field CTRL F9
AutoText Auto Text entry name + F3
Lines break SHIFT ENTER
Pages break CTRL ENTER
Columns break CTRL SHIFT ENTER
An optional hyphen CTRL HYPHEN
A nonbearing hyphen CTRL SHIFT HYPHEN
A nonbearing space CTRL SHIFT SPACEBAR

Copying and Pasting
Copy text or graphics CTRL C
Copy formatting CTRL SHIFT C
Copy Text SHIFT F2
Move text or graphics F2
Paste text or graphics CTRL V
Paste formatting CTRL SHIFT V

Working In Tables
Move to Next cell in a row TAB
Move to Previous cell in a row SHIFT TAB
Move to First cell in a row ALT HOME
Move to Top cell in a column ALT PAGE UP
Move to Last cell in a row ALT END
Move to Last cell in a column AL+ PG DOWN
Move to Previous row
Move to Next row
To insert new paragraphs into a cell

Insert a tab into a cell CTRL TAB
Insert a new row at end of table TAB in last cell
Select a column ALT, left mouse
Select entire table ALT + 5 (numeric keypad)

Deletion Keys
Delete left of cursor BACKSPACE
Delete word to left of cursor CTRL BACKSPACE
Delete right of cursor DELETE
Delete word to right of cursor CTRL DELETE
Cut (delete) selected text CTRL X
Undo the last action CTRL Z

Working In Outlines
Promote a paragraph ALT SHIFT
Demote a paragraph ALT SHIFT
Demote to body text CTRL SHIFT N
Expand text under a heading ALT SHIFT +
Collapse text under a heading ALT SHIFT
All text or headings ALT SHIFT A

Display all text asterisk * on Num Keypad

Preview a mail merge ALT SHIFT K
Merge a document ALT SHIFT N
Print the merged document ALT SHIFT M
Edit a mail merge data source ALT SHIFT E
Insert a merge field ALT SHIFT F
One character to the left
One character to the right
One word to the left
One word to the right
One paragraph up
One paragraph down
To the previous frame or object
To the next frame or object
One column to the left (in a table)
One column to the right (in a table)
Up one line
Down one line
To the end of a line
To the beginning of a line•
To the top of a screen ALT CTRL PAGE UP
To the bottom of a screen ALT CTRL PAGE DOWN
Down one screen PAGE DOWN
To the end of a document CTRL END
To the beginning of a document CTRL HOME
To a previous cursor position SHIFT F5

Working with Fields
Insert DATE field ALT SHIFT D
Insert PAGE field ALT SHIFT P
Insert TIME field ALT SHIFT T
Insert blank field CTRL F9
Update links in Word document CTRL SHIFT F7
Update selected fields F9
Unlink a field CTRL SHIFT F9
Switch between field code and result SHIFT F9
Switch between all field codes or results ALT F9
Perform field action ALT SHIFT F9
Go to the next field F11
Go to the previous field SHIFT F11
Lock a field CTRL F11
Unlock a field CTRL SHIFT F11
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MICROSOFT WORD 2003 Shortuct Keys
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