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 smart-HDL--The best lighting automation control

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laura liu
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PostSubject: smart-HDL--The best lighting automation control   Sun 13 Sep 2009, 6:26 am

SMART-HDL is becoming the best lighting Automation and Life style Manufacturer in the world now.

SMART-BUS system is with the best price, and the unique functions that make you unique between all others, the System that make your clients happy and sure it will increase your profits.
Let me introduce some of our functions and ability that may you interested in.

1- Lighting control: Din rail, and mountable Dimmers and relays, proudly our Product can work in both 110 V and 220 V, 50 and 60 HZ, its green product operated by 24V DC.a- Din rail dimmers 2 CH 6 A, 4 CH 3 A, 6 CH 2A
b- Wall Mount dimmers 12 CH 10A , 6 Ch 10 A, 6 CH 20 A
c- Din rail Relay 8 CH 16 A, 4 CH 20 A, 8 Ch 10 A, 4 ch 10 A
d- DALI , and Ballast controller
e- We are the first in stage Lighting and DMX Control for big projects like the last Olympics, or for home small disco lighting with our unique DIY touch screen allowing the client to record his party lighting and music and play it when the party start

2- Air condition control: we can control all type of AC, in our AC module you can control Single and Multi stage unit, 3 fan speed and VAV 0-10 Volt control, 4-20 mA , with external temp sensor terminal. What we can control regarding AC is:
a- Split AC unit by IR control
b- HVAC Fan compressor Relays
c- VAV 0-10 V, 4-20 mA
d- Lon works
e- Any 3rd party AC system integrated by rs485, or rs232

3- Curtain and shade control, our shade is bus enabled no need to run electrical wiring fro automation, and we have all type of shade motors blind vertically and horizontally curtain. Our curtain features is:
a- Bus enabled (save wiring and conduits)
b- Can carry up to 120 KG
c- Can be stand alone with its 4 daily timer
d- IR remote to integrate with any system
e- Dry contact for integration to other 3rd party system

f- Free Clutch; work in manual and automatic together in same Time.

4- User interface, let me tell you about our Dynamic page LCD Panel, and you will see how old and useless the system you were using.
Our LCD Panel in 1 panel only can do the following

a- Consist of more than 15 dynamic pages for all functions
b- Control the Lighting channel on off
c- Dim the lighting channel (keep pressing function).
d- Double click function to go to any mode you like
e- Control scene and can dim the scenes
f- Have built in temperature sensor, with adjustable technology
g- AC page controlling the heating cooling fan speed and desire temperate with Auto Mode
h- Control up to 8 others panel as slave for AC. Can be master slave, or master.
i- Controlling the IR for TV, DVD and others devices
j- Controlling the curtain
k- Arming disarming the security system from your panel
l- Music control, you can see the song name album and Genres, select next track pause, play and change the volume.
m- You can set your clock alarm and medicine alarm that trigger ever couples of hours; we care about your health.
n- It supports all language in the world, English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Urdu …..
o- It support picture on its page for more friendly use
p- It have time and date showing in your LCD
q- It can be locked by password or locked by other commands.
r- It have IR receiver, controlled remotely.
s- It is 2 way for lighting security, AC, Curtain and music
t- Backlit and LED adjustable and auto backlit on depend on motion sensors
u- Much more from A-Z and still the list not finish all this in 1 small panel in the wall.
Also we have other interface like 2-4-6 button Panel, touch screen and much more for interface.

5- Home Automation, we have our advanced home Automation system. We have our Logic module that have 240 Logic table of AND, OR, Nand and xor, that can link all the logic you need.
1- At time, sunset sunrise, before after time sunset sunrise. time between …. To …..
2- When scene, sequence , channel on , channel off, curtain on off
3- When flag on off delay time….
4- When Temp value range between …. To …..
5- When date, between dates …. Date
6- When days Sunday Monday …….
7- When security OFF, Vacation, Night ++++
8- Link between tables …
Also we are proudly and uniquely have our 6 IN 1 Sensor installed in ceiling very small and elegant with a lot of function
a- It have Motion Sensor
b- Light intensity sensor
c- IR receiver
d- 360 degree IR Sender
e- 2 dry contact to connect to Door window or smoke detector in the room
f- It have 32 logic table inside it to link all this function
g- It support security
h- It is bus enabled
Our system Logic is in all our products, all of it is smart and co-operate together, the system will never stop hung or respond slow

6- Security , we have our bus security module that can support the following
a- More than 250 000 security zones
b- Can be divided to 8 different security area
c- Support all type of NO, NC sensors Vacation Away Night, Night with Guest , Day , Fire Panic Temp Alarm
d- Auto Arm and disarm depend on the Arming mode
e- Vacation mode to secure your house by saving your furniture and randomly open lights in your home during your absence
f- Bypass and restore the zones , alarm events history

7- Others , need more, We have a lot of other products I can list to you some
a- Bus GPRS Module to control your home by SMS and the home inform you if any problem
b- Power Meter to know the consumption of your electricity day by day hour by hour and month by month, and it will send you alert if the consumption is high
c- RS232 485 for integration with 3rd party device, we have our own protocol and can receive and send any ASCII command in any baud rate, we can control HEX also. (NUVO Music system integrated ready with our system)
d- IR control with current sensor
e- Room partioner
f- 4 input sensor for security or Automation
g- IO module for analogue and digital input and output

All this you can finish it installation and programming in very easy and short time (2-3 Days for the all project)
We are looking for the co-operation with your company to hold our products name take care of your most happy clients in your Area.

If you want to have SMART-HDL Product please find the nearest Supplier, or simply become SMART-HDL dealer or distributor in your Area.

For more info, you can visit the website
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PostSubject: Re: smart-HDL--The best lighting automation control   Sun 13 Sep 2009, 6:31 am

nice info dear, its interesting, keep it up...
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PostSubject: Re: smart-HDL--The best lighting automation control   Sun 13 Sep 2009, 6:34 am

nice sharing
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PostSubject: Re: smart-HDL--The best lighting automation control   Sun 29 May 2011, 3:57 pm

Great info, I'll use it.. Dear keep it up.
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PostSubject: Re: smart-HDL--The best lighting automation control   

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smart-HDL--The best lighting automation control
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