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 Govt not serious & interest to STOP innocent Shia – Sunni target killing

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PostSubject: Govt not serious & interest to STOP innocent Shia – Sunni target killing    Tue 15 Jan 2013, 11:11 am

Govt not serious & interest to STOP innocent Shia – Sunni target killing
I do not understand what secret or reason behind non-stop target killing in Pakistan of innocent Shia and Sunni, even their target killers arrest by LEA’s but later no news what happen to them regarding punishment or whose bail or order they are released again, which encourage them to re-start target killing when no fear of punishment in Pakistan.

Even Shia-e-Ali flood gathered 2 weeks before in SIT-IN-PROTEST in Numaish chowrangi which continue from Friday and last Sunday Morning in which all charter of demand accept by Governor of Sind, than again started target killing which encourage shia-e-Ali to again sit-in-protest same way unless the real culprits do not hanged. Do not consider that Shia-e-Ali are weak or no courage to take revenge or wearing bangles, what reasons WAHABI target killers attack from behind and no courage to come a cross which indicates out of 3 things one is confirmed.

1. They are belong to sixer family ( not belong to he or she but in-between members)
2. Believe and true followers of YAZEDI which are recently WAHABI true faces
3. These target killers are worst than animal ( pig and dogs ) in human beings and no relationship with Islam or any Religion only working for money due to brain washes and mis-guidance ( due to lack of educati
on in our country )

Whose order or wishes target killers are blindly following, what reward they ( target killers expected) after killing shia or Sunni to reach heaven or hell in short cut way, in short they all proof they are not blind followers of YAZEDIAT but have true relationship only continue by WAHABI followers, they always work how to hurt or weak Islam and hit its true followers.

Which authority giving arms, training, shelter and protection to all these WAHABI paid target killers and Govt LEA’s only interested to give protection to VVIP and checking the innocents, but never courage to arrest these target killers even caught read handed what reasons afraid to give punishment.

I simply pray to God to destroy entire network of Wahabi organization who busy to destroy the country peace and economy cycle, by making target killing of Shia & Sunni Muslims, bomb blast, suicide attacks, not only the real culprits deserve to place in hell but all those who blind support for any reasons and satisfy with their devil performance are suppose to united in hell and live with YAZEDIA FOR EVER that time called who helped or supported and even not assigned any punishment?

How much business community affected by lack of law & order situation it means criminal are more powerful and doing killing as they wishes or get order but not a single target killers in Pakistan yet get punishment, which means PAKISTAN is heaven for criminals & target killing activities, LEA’s look helpless or careless to perform its duty and protect the life’s of all common citizen no matter belong to any race or sect, all human beings life’s are important.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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Govt not serious & interest to STOP innocent Shia – Sunni target killing
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