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 Massacre of innocent 86 Shia's at ALAMDAR ROAD, Quetta by Yazedi followers

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PostSubject: Massacre of innocent 86 Shia's at ALAMDAR ROAD, Quetta by Yazedi followers    Tue 15 Jan 2013, 11:36 am

Massacre of innocent 86 Shia's at ALAMDAR ROAD, Quetta by Yazedi followers
I was shock, disappoint and extremely condemn the twin suicide bomb blast by true followers of yazedi ( PIG ) in the face of human beings are only TALBAN, WHICH have no religion to follow and worst than animal.

Killing innocent Shia-e-Ali more than 86 and many injured by conducting suicide bomb blast but the question is what is their crime for reason they are punishing Shia's.

Quetta Shia's are fight for their right charter of demand to fulfil along their beloveds dead bodies which is incident I saw fist time in Pakistan history

1. Dismiss the chief Minister of Quetta who is corrupt/careless and not liable to hold the CM
2. Enforce the Military particularly in Quetta to safe guard all people life specially Shia's sect
3. If chief Minister not remove than enforce EMERGE
NCY in the province

Latest news till morning at 11 am at Sunday ( sit in protest continue with 30 hrs in Quetta at Alamdar Road along their well wishers dead bodies.

More interesting to share in absence of chief Minister of Quetta Federal Religion Minister came for negotiation with the Shia team but he confirmed that he have no power to negotiated any charter of demand, which indicate he is powerless and helpless minister does the power owe with criminal or terrorises.

Latest news that PM offer 1 Million ( 10 laces ) compensation who dead in bomb blast but the question is the distribution should be done in the shortest period to make ensure that Govt agree and regret for innocent human life lost?

Why Govt of Baluchistan not sincere to protect the life’s of Shia as they working for Terrorises and loyal with them instead of own mother land, sorry to say they do not catch the curliest or master mind who responsible for all happening but boldly aiding cum sheltering the terrorism activities to promote, shame on all authority who promote or aid or shelter terrorism activities and do not catch the criminal even they know them or hide out place.

In this connection sit in protest spread all over in Pakistan all major cities like Karachi Lahore Pindi Multan Hyderabad unless Quetta people demand not accepted till no dead bodies will be buried. I am proud of all those sisters and brothers who become the part of sit in protest for Quetta shia people demand and pray for their long life and keep worries from all problems.

Talban and its like minded proof they have true relation with Yazedi that reason they are killing Shia-e-Ali but surprise that Shia – e – Ali not restricted to single country but spread to world over only dua of Hazrat Fatima Zehra S.A which killing and hurting Wahabi and Talban people?

How much animal CAT & DOG not being killed in entire west in single year but shia-e-ali being killed more than double or three time more in a single month? Which foreign policy shia killing continue in Pakistan to keep happy WAHABI or WEST rulers?

Which paradise 2 suicide bombers reach after killing innocent 84 shia? God should destroy all evil elements who involve in this attack, destroy network and master mind along those who well wishers and supports send all of them in common place which they deserve ( hell ).

Sorry to say those who can see Malaya Yusuf pain and problem but can’t see one hundred innocent shia-e-Ali killing but suicide bomb blast now you become DEAF OR DUMP OR BLIND by God? That reasons no comments or statement?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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Massacre of innocent 86 Shia's at ALAMDAR ROAD, Quetta by Yazedi followers
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