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 ShiaGenocide: In 2012, total 1450 Shia Muslims killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan

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PostSubject: ShiaGenocide: In 2012, total 1450 Shia Muslims killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan   Sat 13 Apr 2013, 12:12 pm

ShiaGenocide: In 2012, total 1450 Shia Muslims killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan

I must how many CATS and DOGS does not killed in accident or natural death in USA one year but more than that being killed Shia-e-Ali the crimes is love, affection and faith with Ahl-e-Bait and opening by calling ( Lanet count less ) for Yazedi and his followers till judgment day comes.

According to Shia genocide database compiled by LUBP based on various activist groups and websites, 630 Shia Muslims were target killed by Takfiri Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba Taliban during 2012. It may be noted that Shias of all ethnic backgrounds including Pashtun, Muhajir, Sindhi, Hazara, Punjabi, Baloch, Gilgiti etc have been killed by Deobandi militants who are also killing moderate Sunni Muslims, Ahmadis and Christians in Pakistan.

In total, at least 4700 people were killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan in 2012 (except last week of the year).
If we deduct the figure of 630 Shias killed (already recorded in the LUBP database), remaining = 4070. Based on Shia population in Pakistan, approximately 20% of the 4070 are Shias = 820 (approx).
In other words, total number of Shias killed by Deobandi militants in 2012 are = 630 (direct target killing) + 820 (i.e., 20% of ordinary Pakistanis killed) = 1450
Province wise percentage of Shia genocide is as follows:
Balochistan: 30% (both Hazara & non-Hazara Shia),
Sindh: 26%
FATA 14%
Punjab: 12%
Gilgit Baltistan 11%
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 7%
In the last few decades, total number of Shia Muslims killed in Pakistan now exceeds 21,000. Source: LUBP Research –

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates is funding annual $100 million for terrorist activities in Pakistan.
Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide. According to letter Reference: S E C R E T STATE 131801, EO 12958 DECL: 12/28/2019:
Saudi Arabia constitutes the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide. Continued senior-level USG engagement is needed to build on initial efforts and encourage the Saudi government to take more steps to stem the flow of funds from Saudi Arabia-based sources to terrorists and extremists worldwide.
Militants seeking donations often come during the hajj pilgrimage, even a small donation can go far: Let operates on a budget of just $5.25m (£3.25m) a year, according to American estimates.

Which indicate Saudi Arab mis-using funds who blessed with rich oil deposit and no limit of income those who are coming for annual Hajj and throughout year for Umar are consider the best source of income but regret and dis-appointment instead of using funds in correct sense supporting and promoting the terrorists specially hit the Shia Sect from Iraq, Syria, Pakistan but proof one thing these all elements those who funding finance or support by training or shelter these terrorist group are true follower of their beloved Y A Z E D I, who right now in the VVVIP customer in Hell that reasons all their activities want to meet him that is why eager how to reach Hell non-stop and short cut way only learned for killing innocent people no matter belong from Shia or Sunni.

The question is Govt of Pakistan if they caught passed many target killers from Deobandi militants in Pakistan but after arrest no progress did they release on bail or get mercy from Pakistan Govt but one thing who knew they are killers of many innocent but in spite they are not punished it means no law exist in Pakistan.

Did these terrorists group are so powerful than can skip when God angle come for capturing his soul? If anyone did in the history of mankind than informed me. I must all these paid target killers who are on special duty are worst than P I G S and dogs, no relation with Islam and open enemies of both Islam and Shia’s. If any one check in the light of Prophet Mohd (PUBH ) famous quote that “ by the hand and tongue of one common Muslims others are saved”
During 2012 innocent Shia people being killed around but they expect heaven after killing a single shia but I must ask question which Sahab-e- Rasool you learned for killing Shia’s?

Why all evil forces working and hungry for Shia-e-Ali blood what happen to past cruel ruler of

1. Bani Abbas
2. Bani Ummiah

Nobody knew where is their ruler grave in which part of world as same no body knew where is YAZEDI pig buried? Perhaps now Saudi working and want to get proof better result but forget the past history?

The secret of Shia-e-Ali growing and spreading all world over only Dua of Hazrat Fatima Zehra S.A. Perhaps Wahabi have much pain and hurting what are Shia-e-Ali strength even we trying best to killing many in Pakistan, Iraq but when our activities caught by Govt but never face punishment but release so he again active in evil and make happy his relative Yazedi?

Why U N O silent and do not raise any pressure on Pakistani Govt for the safe guard of all community sect life, all human life import in the eye of Islam. After the movie Lience to Kill Saudi decide to give lience to DEOBANDI Millitant in Pakistan for killing Shia's innocent?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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ShiaGenocide: In 2012, total 1450 Shia Muslims killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan
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