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 Unrest in Syria & who fueling, responsible?

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PostSubject: Unrest in Syria & who fueling, responsible?   Wed 24 Jul 2013, 7:19 am

Unrest in Syria & who fueling, responsible?

I want to drawn the attention of United Nations security council why ignore the major causes of Syrian un-rest and do not stop those who are fueling the Syrian civil war by the help of paid army in the shape of SYRIAN REBEL who having backing by these organization and countries

2. Saudi Arab
3. Israel
4. Taliban ( Al-quad)
5. U A E
6. E U some countries

But the question is why un-rest in Syria, how want to thrown BASHAR AL-ASSAD government only reasons I understand to end Iran and Hezbollah Influence from Syria that reasons fighting first to defeat and control of entire Syria, but I think it is not more sweet dream for all enemies of Islam whether they are Muslim or non-Muslims country until Syria is getting support and backing with Iran and Hezbollah than defeating the Syria is not easy task.

I must ask Saudi Arab why they also crushing un-rest in own country and Bahrain by Shia community only fear that if they power than first thrown all pigs that are alive but real way living as AMERICAN slaves, Insha’Allah Shia’s innocent sacrifices will never go waste.

As enemies thinking we can’t fight directly with Iran or Hezbollah than it is easy task to crush and capture Syria without evil forces but still what success/losses Syrian rebel gets honest announce in front of media.

I pray to God and make special pray for entire citizen of Syrian no matter which race they belong, first all life’s should be saved and secured from Syrian rebel and its allied forces and defeat them so get out from entire Syria and go to origin place which country they belong or died and buried during fighting against royal army forces, no one knew where he (evil forces member) gone?

Those who giving rebel forces of Syria arms and other facilities than they are not terrorists but when Iran or Hezbollah helping Syria against rebel Syrian forces than they claimed as terrorists, It means in WEST and UNO eyes terrorist have 2 definitions

1. When enemies of Islam attacking than claim they have right to exercise
2. When any Islamic state attack if they defend or attack in re-act than they called terrorist

Perhaps United States have forgotten their defeat from Iran during 1979 when their mission failed to release 54 hostage, than force to return SHAH OF IRAN looted money to Iran and then immediate Iran – Iraq WAR broken which last 8 years that time UNO remain silent observer.
Same way Israel faced coward defeated when force to left sound hold of Lebanon South area by Hezbollah,

These 2 defeats are still paining and that reasons all evil forces together working how to defeat Iran and Hezbollah but still no success in this evil mission and hope no achievement in future till judgment day Insha’Allah.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )
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Unrest in Syria & who fueling, responsible?
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